Scientific Bio-Minds

(Bioinformatics Research & Training Institute)

  Industrial Services 

Scientific Bio-Minds research team helps its customers with a wide array of informatics services, data analysis and technology transfer that would cut down on the time spent on research data processing. Rather, these services allow customers to focus on research.
Our industries include: Biopharmaceuticals, Bio-Medical, Healthcare and Hospitality, Agriculture, veterinary, IT industries, educational institutions and research laboratories


Training Programs

Short Term Training Programs
Advanced training is one of Scientific Bio-Minds five core missions. Over the years, the Laboratory has established a number of highly successful training activities.
Job Internship Programs
Diploma/Certificate Programs
Academic Projects


Molecular Biology

Bioinformatics tools & Software’s

Genomics & Proteomics



Genetics Analysis

Public health informatics

Artificial intelligence

Data Mining

Bio-medical informatics

Health Informatics

Clinical informatics

Structural informatics

Image informatics

Biological Data Analysis

Biomarkers Identification



Graduates: Current B.Sc, BE, B.Tech, B.Pharm

Post Graduates: Current M.Sc, M.Tech, M.Pharm,

Pre-doctoral: M.Phil

PhD students

Work Schedule:

Students may work either part-time or full-time, but no less than 16 hours per week.

Research Group:

1.      Dr.C.N.Prashantha M.Sc, PhD

Founder Chairman & Research Guide

2.      Dr.M. Saibabu

Research Head

3.      Dr.R.Gopal Gowda

Project Head

4.      Shashank

Project Leader

5.      Uday

Research Scholar



How to Apply:

Duration: 2 Months (10-12 weeks) for graduates and post graduates, Doctoral (15 weeks),




(BE, BTech, B.Sc, B.Pharam)


Post Graduates

(M.Sc, M.Tech, ME, M.Pharm)


Pre-Doctoral (M.Phil)

Doctoral (PhD)




Registration: please download the application form to follow the link

You may also call +91-9844158444 for a listing of our current research vacancies.

Research Report: A brief report on each project must be submitted to the Graduate Programs Office in Scientific Bio-Minds within the given time.

NOTE: The project may be selected for presentation in the Graduate Research Day Program.


For more information, contact;


Founder Chairman

Scientific Bio-Minds

+91-9844158444 or









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